Propane heaters
    Propane contracts as temperatures drop, so the colder the ambient weather, the slower the flow will be. This change in the rate of pressure can cause your tank to “freeze up. We have inline propane heaters to ensure the propane supply to the pilot on the flarestack. This is especially important when flaring / incinerating sour or incombustible gas.
    Custom fittings
    We have a wide assortment of custom fittings, adapters, and hoses to make the proper connection to your facility.
    We have valves and header assemblies to throttle one or more flarestacks at a time. 300 - 900 ansi.
    Flame Arrestors/Detonators
    We carry a selection of 2” & 4” flame arrestors. These devices allow the flow of gas while preventing the transmission of flame.
    Flareline and Accessories
    We have a wide selection of 2”, 3” and 4” flareline, 90’s, swedges, and shorts for rental.